• Enter Health Records, medical info, allergies, chronic condition, vaccination etc for each family member. Works on phones and tablets.
  • Flexibility and simplicity to enter the data. Easily search family members.
  • Support for photo, audio, video, file attachments for health records. Use this for various purposes such as before and after treatment pictures/results. Take a picture of lab report, record audio/video, attach existing files etc.
  • Enter emergency information
  • Plan Doctor’s visit and appointment. Sync up with device calendar on most phones/tablets
  • Backup data and Restore Data
  • Export and copy to other device or PC/Laptop
  • ONE tap to send appointment reminders to family members by directly calling, texting (SMS) or emailing from the app
  • Use it for Pets too



Charles H – May 19, 2012 – Motorola Atrix with version 1.0.4
“Gadget Particular Consumer

This is a Great Product. It allows the adding of additional information, in addition to that of many standard ICE products. It is Simple, Useful, has Added Throughness, of a more Complete Medical Health Record Keeping product. Excellent Designed software.“

Elaine – September 13, 2012 – Motorola Droid X2 with version 2.0.0
“Elaine K

Just started using this ap love it.“

ODette July 3, 2012

“Very useful!
I use this app on a daily basis and am very pleased with it. Being on the heart transplant list, I have many meds and appointments to keep track of. “



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